South Carolina Metric Week

SC Metric Week October 9 – 15, 2016, Governor’s Proclamation

Celebrating Metric Week in South Carolina 2016 (October 9-15) is a very important opportunity for K-12 students. An announcement at each school in your district and encouragement of metric system activities during and after Metric Week would be an excellent idea. (Some easy-to-use ideas on celebrating Metric Week are available online at:  (Click on Center for Science Education – College of Arts and Sciences Then Programs then Metric)  or  (click on South Carolina Academy of Science ½ Founded 1924 ) then click on Metric top of page.

Also USMA Site   is a good site for information.

As you know very well, companies (which will eventually employ many of our students) are gradually producing products to metric system standards. This means that the jobs of tomorrow will require employees to be able to use metric units.

The Metric System has become more prevalent in U.S. society. The use of metric measurements include areas such as global warming when referring to metric tons of CO2 emissions and in military deployments using kilometers. In sports such as track and field, cycling, and The Olympics are all metric. Additionally, package labeling (especially beverages) express the contents in metric. In healthcare, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, glucose measurements, prescription and over the counter medicines and dietary supplement dosages are allmetric. U.S. consumers are becoming more familiar with grams and milligrams through information provided on mandatory nutritional labeling. The South Carolina Metric Proclamation is distributed to all schools in South Carolina, public and private, and is recommended and approved by the South Carolina Academy of Science (SCAS) and coordinated with the Office of Metric Programs at the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), part of the U.S Department of Commerce and the Center for Science Education at USC. Special thanks go to Governor Nikki R. Haley for her support of this worthwhile endeavor.


Don Jordan, USC click on programs then metric for information on CMS.


Check out the USMA & National Institute of Standards (NIST) Metric Programs at     & It will be FUN! and others at: click on Programs then Metric

Teachers– these sites have something for all grades!