NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

We are the representation of the NSTA in South Carolina.  Their website offers wonderful resources for science teachers of all grade levels and learners.

Online Resources

Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont: The Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont is an identification guide to over 700 common or distinctive organisms living in the region. It is available to download to a digital device and was designed for use as on a tablet, but it will work on any electronic device. For optimal performance, download the pdf and open it within an e-book app on your tablet or smart phone, or save it to your computer. Once downloaded, the field guide will be accessible for use anywhere, regardless of internet connection. Access it at

Science School: The US Geological Survey has a new website for teaching the water cycle. The website contains a great diagram of the water cycle as well as an interactive section where a student can mouse hover over sections of the diagram and get pop-up information and pictures about that topic, as well as links to more information. All of this is available for 3 different age levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. To visit this resource, please follow this link:

Into The Outdoors: Into the Outdoors is not only an Emmy-winning television series; it is a free educational resource for teachers. The website,, offers teachers and students over 100 STEM based science videos and companion lesson activities aligned to state and national standards. There is also a quarterly newsletter which you can subscribe to on the website. A field trip to some places that are featured may not always be possible, but with the website you can always take your students…Into the Outdoors.

Science Lessons, Investigations, or Labs

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