Affiliate Organizations


Affiliate Organizations

(SC) 2 strives to develop partnerships for all science disciplines in SC. Sharing ideas and resources for the betterrment of science education for our students in SC is very important to us as an organization. The following are some we encourage you to join if they are supportive to your teaching position:

*If you are a member of these organizations already, we encourage you to present at our annual fall conference on behalf of any of these organizations. If you need additional information, please contact our (SC) 2 president for more information.
Don’t see your organization on our affiliate list? Please contact our (SC) 2 president so that we can include your organization.

SCMEA-South Carolina Marine Educators Association

EEASC-Environmental Educator Association of South Carolina

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SCSELA-South Carolina Science Educational Leadership Association

South Carolina Junior Academy of Science American Chemical Society (South Carolina)

SCABT-South Carolina Association of Biology Teachers

SCESTA-South Carolina Earth Science Teachers Association

American Modeling Teachers Association